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Thanksgiving Is On: A Fox Valley Post-Covid Vaccine Celebration

After taking a year off of traveling for the holidays we are back on schedule.   Theo went straight to the toy room to start building stuff on the workbench.  The kids love getting to eat the sugar cereal at their grandparents.    This kind of cereal never saw light of day in my house growing up. Lucky kids.   Meadow forgot to pack herself pajamas so borrowed one of my dads t shirts.   

Fall and House Projects At the Blaisdell Duplex

 We had to remove all our drawers to seal up any holes along the wall thanks to a recent mouse discovery.   You think you're going to work on the rental and then random stuff like this keeps coming up. Meadow was extra hungry today and needed three breakfasts. Two sets of the light fixtures I'd ordered arrived. I needed to find fixtures that had switches or pull chains. The only place that had them was Etsy. Brooke then suggested trying AliExpress. For half the price these were great.  

Brooke's Parents Visit Our New Duplex

The third floor in our house still had the original gas light fixtures that were still active! We had a plumber out to do some miscellaneous things and we asked him to cap off the gas line. Sadly that meant removing the fixtures. I think we'll just glue them onto to the cap, I don't want to get rid of them.  But thankfully the kids will no longer be tempted to open the gas line. While wiping everything down in our dining room I discovered that the room once had a wainscotting too. I'm kind of sad that was removed. I put up the fixture that was previously in our upstairs hallway. I had to rewire it and it was now looking great, but the ceiling around it was a roughed up a bit. So it would come down once again to install a ceiling medallion.  

Random Acts of Menards

We're slowly settling into the new place while also getting the rental ready downstairs. We had some rice krispies, marshmallows and candy leftover from Halloween, so the kids and I made some extra yummy rice krispy treats. After not having a yard for so long and never having one for Theo, the kids aren't quite used to yet. We have to remind them that they can play outside whenever they want. One day I caught them cleaning up the raised garden beds. Also the previous owners left behind the tent and tunnel set for us.  They left some junk, but for the most part things they left behind are quite useful. I guess, thanks? My favorite patching compound was doing its job around the rental. I thought this small hallway would be an easy fix, but oh would I be proven wrong in hindsight.   I had to go the Menard's for the 10th time in two weeks. I decided to get this fan for our living room even though it would have to wait to be installed.   

Welcome to Fort Lauderdale: Boat Shows and Unexpected Reunions

  Since a few months into the pandemic I've been shooting boats for a company out of Canada. Vincent, the owner, needed me to shoot at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show for a week. With Brooke OK with me going for the week, I was all in. This show is famous for its yacht row. The day before I shot this massive Sirena yacht. This was a big departure from the fishing and pleasure boats I've shot to this point.