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Apple Picking, Beer Drinking and Meadow Baking

It is the season of apple picking. We prefer to go on Friday nights to avoid the crowds. This year we tried out Amodt's Apple Farm . We picked the kids up from school and headed right over.  I'd photographed the cidery and winery here a few years back. Apple picking is too easy. It takes literally 5 minutes.  Before you knew it, we were already more than done. We promised the kids caramel apples but they didn't have any. They picked out some other treats instead.  They also had Thor's Hard Cider on site but we were waiting on beer later. Theo got a turnover and I got a fritter (which was a bit stale tbh).

A Mama, Papa and Theo Day on Lake Street

  It's actually been nice making meals again and actually getting to use our fridge that we bought last spring.  That's until she gets sick of the kids favorites every few weeks. This time I made kaiserchmarren  for the first time in ages. Our old realtor and friend Connie was hosting an open house not too far from us. I see this house every time we pass it while on 35W and have always wanted to see inside.  These Healy houses are something else. I can't imagine maintaining all that ornate woodwork inside and out. Theo tagged along and got a cookie to bat. While all the details are amazing, it makes me appreciate our more simple home.  Wooh. Was worried she was going to say she wants to live in one of these crazy victorians. The owners of this house really took care of it all these years, I hope they find someone that is also devoted.  To get Theo to come along with us we promised him paletas.  That's Mexican popsicles for those not in the know. We'd never been to 

One of Us Paints Another Runs on Fall Errands

Yoga before breakfast.  These kids and standing on tables and counters... Brooke and Meadow were out and about, so I sent over a picture of our stair railings. We need to add a couple to our 3rd floor. I spent the rest of the day painting the back of the house. Meanwhile, Meadow and I had a bunch of errands to run. First, the library.  I'm making our Halloween costumes this year based on a pattern that my mom never used in the 90's.  We stopped at our favorite fabric store: S.R. Harris .  We stumbled across this fabric. Should have made a pillow with it.  Meadow just loves this place and looking at all the fabrics.  The rest of the things I needed was at Joann's Fabrics. We also need some frames for a few posters that we want to hang up.  Prints. Much fancier than posters. Then Scott asked me to pick up some things from Menards.  Our yard is going to be so beautiful in the spring.  One of these years we need to buy some of these monstrosities. Theo actually played in the ba

Chores in September

This week was the first week of school. Meadow started on Tuesday and Theo started on Thursday. I lucked out that I was working from home on Theo's first day so I could go with him. He had some first day jitters and didn't want to eat his breakfast. We got him to eat while watching cartoons.   Theo's going to be a bit trickier to get ready for school. If something goes wrong, he can kind of go into a tailspin. But he's also had years of practice getting up and taking Meadow to school.  Funny how Meadow just seemed ready for school and Theo seems too small. Like it can't be yet. Except Meadow was so, so tiny. I know Theo's going to love learning. He's already such a math wiz. With some help from his kindergarten teacher he's going to do so well. He was really nervous when he got to school and his teacher was awesome and had him sit down with her to play to get him comfortable. Give Theo some building toys and he's gonna do great.    He seemed pretty