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Meadow @ 4 Years

She loves to run, go on swings, read books, climb rocks and ride her bike. Her favorite book is Richard Scarry. Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite foods are mac and cheese, cucumbers, carrots, cereal, pb and j's, chicken tacos 'stashios (pistachios).  She has gotten very shy even around people she knows.  She's still a late sleeper, school is going to be very hard when she starts. I interviewed Meadow again this year and here is what she answered: How old are you?  I don't know What is your favorite color?  Purple What is your favorite animal?  Blue Bear What is your favorite book?  Pajama Time What is your favorite TV show?  Sesame Street What is your favorite movie?  Fairy's (?) What is your favorite song?  Jenny Lewis What is your favorite food?  Mac & Cheese, drinking juice What is your favorite drink?  Lemonade What is your favorite breakfast food?  Cereal, honey kind. What is your favorite

Bubbles on Your Birthday: Meadow Turns 4

This year Meadow requested a rainbow cake. I brought up the idea of using natural dye and Scott talked me into trying it. I'm not sure I talked her into it, but she did decide to go the natural route. I used beets for red, carrot for orange, egg yolk for yellow, spinach for green, blueberries for blue and blackberries for purple. Brooke did talk me into having nachos for the party. The colors turned out perfect. I love the muted colors over the bright colors you get from food coloring. Meadow helped decorate the cake with rainbow sprinkles. When deciding on what to make for food for the party Scott and Meadow wanted spaghetti and meatballs. That sounded too messy to me. Then I thought what about nachos. Ok, in what world are nachos less messy than meatballs? When there are toddlers. I figured we would just make a few sheet pans of nachos and have everyone share. Scott had another idea to have a make your own nacho bar. Thanks for all the work

Another Hipcamp Adventure: A pair of Nebraska Retreats

While driving across the state of Nebraska, and only driving through towns with two buildings, we were starting to get hungry. Then we spotted Big John . Being hangry on a road trip is never a good idea. We've made sure we have plenty of snacks to tide us over when there's no decent restaurants in site. We were the only non locals here. Everybody in the restaurant knew each other. It was after eating here that we decided on road trips to stick to Mexican, casino buffets or drive ins. Unless you're in a big city or have internet to know a place is decent. Meadow still enjoyed her corndog. Yuck! We finally drove through a town with more than two buildings and stopped at Culver's for a treat. It's strange to see Culver's farther and farther away from Wisconsin. Our second Hipcamp of this mini-road trip was Theilen Produce Gardens in Schuyler, NE (pronounced sky-ler). We met Kristy and her energetic dog right when we arrived.