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Another Minneapolis-St. Paul Home Tour, Tour

This is the first year since we started going on the Home Tours that I had a Saturday off. Saturday's are better because there's more time to see everything you want. We ate a quick breakfast of granola. We started by heading to a cute craftsmen home in the tangletown in our neighborhood, Jordan. The downstairs was craftsman while the upstairs had art deco features. The house was converted to an up-down duplex at some point. Then we saw a few Victorians on Fremont in Old Highland. This house had so many coats of paint. Meadow's favorite parts were the stairs. The next house had an awesome arch. They will be taking off the siding this summer to reveal the original clapboard. The next house was the one I was most excited to see. It was originally built for the Donaldson's that owned a giant department store in downtown Minneapolis. That department store turned into a regional powerhouse that lasted until 1987.

To Fargo, We Go

Another weekend, another road trip. This time we are heading to Fargo. We all had some kind of random breakfast this morning. I think I won the weird breakfast with California rolls. "Get a picture of me and Meadow" She never takes pictures. So... We decided to drive to Fargo via U.S. Highway 10 instead of I-94. It was the same mileage and only took us a little longer. Anything to avoid the mundane interstate. We went to the Countryside Cafe in Motley, Minnesota. I didn't know there was a Motley in Minnesota before this. Meadow has become very naughty when going out to eat. She has decided she doesn't want to wait for her food anymore. She usually stays entertained for about 5 minutes, then wants to get out of her chair. Root Beer Floats can never be bad. Brooke ordered her old usual, grilled cheese. I of course went for the open faced meatloaf. What else would one order at a diner? During Easter Blake taught Meadow how to d