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Fox Valley Thanksgiving 2022

As always, we made the trip to Little Chute and the Fox Valley for Thanksgiving. Since we don't eat Thanksgiving dinner until the evening. I suggested this year we drive on Thanksgiving day instead of leaving the night before.  First thing when we arrived, G.G. was already giving Meadow gifts. My mom is always spoiling her.   Then we were off to Brittany and Jeff's for Thanksgiving fun. Theo got the longest piece of cheese. Marina showing us her island on Animal Crossing.  I made some maple whipped cream just before everyone arrived. All the cousins wanted to do at first was watch each other game.

Baking and Forgetting to Take Pictures

Theo's always building something on our living room rug. Meanwhile, Meadow is suddenly really good at drawing. If she keeps practicing, she's going to be incredible by middle school. Meadow has been asking for a coconut cream pie since she had some on our big road trip to the UP. After having the ingredients on hand for a couple of weeks, we finally started with the crust. Meadow requested breakfast like Grandpa likes. Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. 

Riding the Bus to MIA for Family Fun

Finally the family days at the MIA are back in person.  We decided to take the bus since it's a single seat ride all the way there. Give or take a couple of blocks. Pose in front of the museum.  Thanks, for obliging. Meadow wore another pair of her new earrings today. 

Meadow Makes Muffins And We Go To The MOA

Our little baker Meadow decided to make us muffins for breakfast.  Thanks, Meadow. The kids had been saving their money from doing chores. Meadow wanted to go to Claire's to get some clip on earrings. She still hasn't committed to getting her ears pierced.  Claire's always has dumb deals, like buy 3 get 3 free. Of course Theo found some things he wanted too. Like this rainbow heart bracelet that I had when I was a kid.  Aww, didn't know you had it growing up. Claire's always overwhelms me when we go. Kitty earrings for this kid of course.  Meadow likes having a night light and Theo doesn't. He's been asking for a sleep mask. We went on a few rides, checked out the Lego store and enjoyed a fun night at MOA. For some reason I didn't take any pictures. IDK.