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CSA Week 3

I encourage everyone to join a CSA. I was always hesitant about it at first because you do have to put a lot of money down right away.  We divided how much we spent by an estimated amount of weeks we will get a share and it came down to 11 dollars a week. We got a small share too. Eleven dollars for all this food. Not only is it local, but it's also organic ( well they can't technically use that term, but it pesticide free) . I don't know where else you can get this much organic produce for that little.

Cudahy, Kenosha and College Roommates

Brooke and I took not-so-fun 94 to Milwaukee for my college roommate Chris' wedding. I was really hungry despite eating some leftovers before leaving. We decided to stop by Moe's Almost World Famous Diner.  We had also brought popcorn along as a snack, but we were still hungry after that and we had only been driving for 2 hours.  Almost is the key. It was almost good. We've always passed this place and talked about stopping. The food was very "meh". I don't think we'll stop again.  I made Brooke drive for a while. She seemed happy about it. The next morning Mrs. Breakfast (thank Amanda) had her favorite meal of the day. Whenever we visit Scott's parents no one eats breakfast and I don't get to eat until late in the afternoon. I wasn't waiting this time.    I ate a leftover burger from the night before.   Present, wrapped.   We decided to go on a walk around my hometown of Cudah

CSA Week 2

We got a bit more this week. The pea shoots were a bonus that I was happy to get.

Duluth For The Day

 After work I decided to drive up to Duluth to visit my little brother Blake. Scott would have come with me if he didn't have to work. Like most streets in Duluth he lives on a steep hill. I couldn't remember how to park on a hill so I copied the car in front of me.   He gave me a tour of his house and when we were in his backyard I heard rushing water. There was a trail and some woods that we followed down a hill to Chester Creek. I had no idea he lived so close to a park.   Or a waterfall.        We walked a ways to find an old ski jump. Blake said he climbed it when he first moved here and a month later the city took the stairs down.      The ski lift is still in use for sledding.  Walking back to his house we passed another ski jump. Back when this was first built it was the tallest in the world. During World War II 50 feet was taken off the top to give to the war effort.  The reason I came to visit Blake was m