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Meadow @ 4 Months

Meadow weighs approximately 14 pounds and is 24" in length. I feel like she's really grown up this past month and clearly isn't a newborn anymore. She currently loves when we pretend to eat her toes, eating... Scott, seeing the world... grabbing things (especially mama's hair), baths, her hands, watching kids and rolling over. She has learned to roll over from her back to her front. Even though she could do it as a newborn she still gets stuck and frustrated once she's on her stomach. I have a feeling she's going to be an early crawler.  She's just started sleeping in her own room. I miss her, but she makes up for it by waking up every 1.5-3 hours. For awhile she was only getting up once or not at all.  She's been doing really great at falling asleep on her own. It helps that she rubs her eyes when she's tired so then I know and can put her down. She's still a night owl and refuses to go to bed b

Home, Work, Baby

Now that Meadow doesn't get up quite as often at night I'm not starving when I wake up. I'm okay with making breakfast for the sleepy bears.   Scott was still trying to sneak in a few more minutes of sleep and Meadow was ready to get out of bed.   The cutest alarm clock that money can't buy.  I made apple smiley and heart shaped pancakes with strawberries.   Meadow joined us for breakfast. She's sitting in her Bumbo. So, no. She isn't some kind of super baby.  Meadow wanted to watch Scott doing some work.  I had to finish up painting the balcony before Minnesota was in permafrost mode. I'd been painting storm windows all week, so this was the logical next step.  Then she watched me fold laundry. She's obsessed with rolling over. As soon as I put her down she immediately rolls over.   Now that Meadow has a bed in her room she takes naps in there and ends up sleeping longer and falls asleep easier (awesome).

Third Annual Torres-Tuska Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza (Plus Harvest Garden Cleanup)

The first frost was finally coming. It was time to clean out the garden and harvest what was remaining. Here's are first success at celery.  Our best garden yet. Next year we have a new plan on where to plant things since most plants die from being crowded by others.  They were crowded because someone didn't read the many rules of square-foot gardening. Planting four brussels sprouts next to one another is not the way to do it. Anyways...a few days later... We still haven't turned on our heat. I thought using the oven today would be a good idea. I made big pancake for breakfast and Scott says, "I'm getting sick of big pancake." How can you get sick of big pancake? It's really tasty and all, but there some many other options. Meadow watched from below.  And above.  She's really getting interested in food. A few more months little bear. Meadow has been very grabby lately. Especially during feedings. T