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Kite Festivals and Late Night Chinese Takeout

Meadow sleeps in the strangest positions.

A Como Zoo Day Out

Today seemed like a good day to go to the Como Conservatory. Once everyone had napped, got dressed and fed we were on our way.  Apparently Theo wasn't done napping. To get Meadow moving faster we promised her we would stop for donuts. We stopped quickly at Bogart's. Her new Snow White dress looked pretty cute under her big girl jacket. We had to settle for the lavender cake donuts. They were out of the good ones. Still good though. Meadow lucked out with the donut holes. Soon we go to the zoo and went into the very steamy rain forest room. Theo liked watching the fish. Meadow was not afraid of the snakes. Even Snow White was there. And ants. We cut through the gift shop and Meadow really wanted this bear hat scarf mitten combo. Then we stopped briefly in the kids room. Meadow asked why there was money in the fountain, we told her if you throw a coin in you can make a wish. She later wh

Theo @ 11 Months

Theo is an eating machine. He still loves everything he's tried and eats a lot. He just likes eating. He's started using a walker and crawls and pulls himself up everywhere. His favorite words are da da and na na. Ma ma, pa pa. All the usual suspects. He still has no teeth, but that doesn't stop him from eating anything. Theo currently loves laughing at Meadow, pulling things out of the drawers, pulling down books, shaking things that make noise, eating, playing with water. He still gets scared when people he doesn't remember hold him when Scott or I are not around. He thinks saying no means it's a game. He shakes his little head back at you and giggles. Everyone always comments on how happy and smiley he is. It's a front for his adoring fans. He just started waving and understands some words. Theo still wakes up 0-2 times at night, but is getting better at sleeping. Our early bird has turned into a night owl and doesn't

Friendsgiving and an Eat Street-MIA Day Out

Another year. Another Friendsgiving.

Let's Go to Anna'a Place

We all slept in super late this morning. This winter break has us staying up late and sleeping in. It's going to be so hard this next week when Meadow goes back to school. Meadow asked the other day why we still have Christmas decorations up if Christmas is over. I said we could take them down and she angrily said, "No! They have to stay up forever!" So, the decorations stayed up a little longer. Today we had a playdate with Anna and the kids. We hadn't seen them in awhile. I stayed back and worked on some photos and videos I wanted to put together for our Northwoods NYE post . I hope you enjoyed them. Meadow was a little shy at first then joined right in. Back at home I was prepping gumbo and finally peeled away from my computer. Green gumbo. One of my favorite meals. This was one of Meadow's favorite meals when she was a toddler. With traveling, being sick and the extra sweets around Meadow hasn't been ea