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Brooke's Brithday Cabin Weekend: Soudan Undergournd-Lake Vermillion State Park Edition

It was Brooke's birthday cabin weekend. We were going to the brand new camper cabins at Soudan Mine-Lake Vermillion State Park, but decided to break up our drive in Duluth. Remnants of Boubville still stand in Blake's backyard. Scott and I wanted to get breakfast at Duluth Grill but the kids won with their request for Superior Waffles . The place is pretty good to be honest. Blake has made progress since we were here last. He said he was trying to get it all done before Easter and was then disappointed to learn we wouldn't be coming for Easter this year. Sorry Blake and Daniel. If we had more room in our Roadsufer campervan rental , we'd bring you along next month. This years birthday cabin brought us to Lake Vermilion State Park . My original plans was to go to Winnipeg, but knowing this mild winter, we didn't think that would work. We even talked about going to Arkansas. With a spring break trip coming up we decided to stay close by. The Minnesota State Park cam