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A New Year's Eve Northwoods Snowshoeing, Gateway Lodge, Paulding Light Adventure

The next morning my mom made biscuits and gravy for breakfast.  This year they were unsweetened.

Meadow @ 6 months

She's finally figured out how to roll over from her front to back. She's still working on sitting on her own. I will put her in the sitting position and she will try to eat her toes or reach for something and ends up falling over. She's still trying to learn to crawl. She can get on her hands and toes and put one knee down. I think it will be any day now that she will crawl. I'm in no rush to feed her solids. She currently loves to yell in a really high voice, roll around, sleep on her stomach, grab glasses off people's faces, put everything in her mouth, yell at her toys, smile at people, and grab her toes. She giggles when we make goofy sounds to her. She's much better in cars. Mostly sleeps. She only complains if her diaper is dirty or is really hungry. On a good night she gets up one or two times. On a bad night four or five times. Her bald spot keeps growing. She's starting to lose hair on one side of her head. 

Second Christmas at the Cottage

Our third road trip in as many weeks has turned our car into a salt-licked mess.  I think I can say that we were all excited for the annual New Year's week trip to the cottage. We arrived after Mr. Mike and Grandma Gail. Hamsta had found a new home since we last were up north.

Meadow Goes Sledding

It was finally warm enough today to take Meadow out in her new sled.  After Scott parked in the library in Brooklyn Center and claimed there was a park behind it, we strapped on our snowshoes and headed towards said park. She really didn't believe me. I worked a block away for almost two years.  Meadow kept hanging her arm off the side causing her mitten to fall off once in a while.  These mittens are really poorly designed. I recently realized that I've been wearing this jacket since I was 19. Next winter will be its tenth anniversary, though the coat is from the 70s. We took turns pulling Meadow though the field. We tried cutting through this field, but the cat tails would whip her in the face.  So around we went.  This is a lot harder than you'd imagine. There are a few parks in Brooklyn Center that are hidden gems. Garden City Park has some nice vistas. Then we ran into a trail that wasn't totally

A Post-Christmas Necedah Pit-Stop

After spending a night in Cudahy, Jabba the Hut, Scott and I headed back home.  Brittany and I drew one another's names for Christmas. We thought we would stop by their house on the way home to exchange gifts.  After being in the car for 12 hours yesterday I thought it would be nice to take a break from driving too. Meadow liked playing with Marina's toys.  Marina liked stealing Meadow's socks. Marina played for the camera the entire time we were there. She even knew where the best lighting was. Marina is so close to walking. She's already standing on her own. But not quite yet. She was even interested in me or maybe it was just my camera. Marina also liked using Meadow to get herself up. Why hello there little baby niece. Marina got to open her gift first. A new walker. Ooo. Ikea gifts. I guess you've got to please the masses. Oh, and there's Jeff. He gave each of us a home brew for Chr