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Memorial Day Can Only Mean the Cottage

Hey Theo ready to go to the best place in the world? Cottage! Cottage! We made it just across the border before needing to stop for Theo. Meadow and I played at some churches playground while he got fed. We did hav to make a detour in Anoka to pick up some boat parts for my dad.  I caught Theo looking over at Meadow and smiling once in awhile. Brooke's been making us wait until we get to the cottage to eat. So, when we arrived frozen pizza was the de facto choice. We already stop enough times with Theo and we eat out too much.  The next morning we said hello to the lake. Quite the difference from the last time we were here just a few weeks ago. It was set to be in the upper 80s and even 90s all weekend. Miss Meadow got some new glasses recently. Silly kid spent hours splashing water on and around the dock. We made some pancakes from the box doctored with instant oatmeal. They weren't all that great. Then it was