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New Year's Eve, Good Old Three Lakes

We got back from Christmas vacation Friday night, we both worked Saturday and so Sunday morning we were off again.  After having to drive back home, twice forgetting something, we were finally ready to head up to Duluth to pick up Blake.  We figured since we would be going to Duluth at the end of the week we'd take a little detour on the way to Wisconsin and pick him up. Ah, Duluth. I'm starting to love this city. Blake had us meet him at work and so we got to take another tour. The house was still decorated for Christmas. It was kind of neat to see it during the winter time. Blake even did some decorating. It was nice to see, but we had places to be. Blake made us stop at the library first. We were hungry for lunch by then, so Blake suggested one of his favorite places in town Duluth Grill . There were so many good food options it was hard to pick. A lot of their produce is local too which is pretty cool. I think we may have to stop her