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Meadow @ 8 Years

      Meadow loves to read books, swing, do art and crafts, watch tv, play dress up, play video games and swim. I think she was always be a night owl and not a morning person. Meadow has gotten much braver this year. I see her talk to strangers at the playground and she is more willing to try new things. We love you Meadow! Here are Meadow's answers this year.  How old are you?  Eight What is your favorite color? Purple What is your favorite animal? Cat What is your favorite book? Cucumber Quest What is your favorite TV show? Pinkalicious What is your favorite movie? Harry Potter What is your favorite song? I don't know yet. I forgot. What is your favorite food? My favorite food is meatball bombers. What is your favorite drink? Uh umm. Uhh. Fruit Punch. What is your favorite breakfast food? Crepes What is your favorite snack? Raspberries What is your favorite outfit? My Belle costume that I wear almost everyday maybe. What is your favorit

Another Last Minute Camping Adventure: Flandrau and Killen Woods State Parks with a Stop at the Schell's Brewery

I had to get back down to Mankato for a quick shoot. Instead of driving back and forth we decided that we ought to go camping nearby. We settled on Flandrau State Park in New Ulm.     The fireflies were amazing at night. It was pretty cool.   We of course only stayed one night before moving on to a second camp site, because that's what we do.     As an early birthday gift for Meadow we got her her own backpacking pack. Now she's old enough to start carrying her own things.

From Detroit Lakez to Marquette: Another Workcation

  I had my second shoot in two years up at the Lund Boat Factory in New York Mills. This year the family decided to tag along. So, we found a place to stay up in nearby Detroit Lakes. We stayed at a renovated motel right across from the beach.      We lucked out getting the first room that has window views to the lake. 

Blake Graduates, We Go to Duluth

The last time we were in Duluth, Blake mentioned he was having a graduation party the same weekend as the Park Point Rummage Sale weekend. So a trip back to Duluth it was. After 10+ days of 90+ temps we were happy to escape the hot city.    Blake showed us the current state of his multi-lot abode first thing in the morning. Blake's yard was full of wildflowers. Now that Covid restrictions are lifting Blake's BnB now serves pancakes again.    I mean, we were only up here like twice. After breakfast we headed to the sales.    The Park Point Rummage Sale that is.

Mobile and NOLA for a Work Trip

  I've been working with a Canadian company that specializes in marketing for the boat industry. They needed someone to shoot 5 Edgewater boats down in Alabama. Since I'm fully vaccinated, I took them up on the gig.     There are no direct flights into the gulf coast except New Orleans.   After landing in New Orleans, I drove the two hours over to Mobile, Alabama in the pickup truck that the rental company gave me. My airbnb was on the right.