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Another Weekend of Halloween Fun

The weekend before Halloween means its Meadow's friend Eleanor's birthday party. This year it was all My Little Pony themed. The kids got to decorate their own unicorn horn. I asked Meadow what she wanted to be for Halloween last August. She wanted to be a fairy again. I eventually convinced her to be a butterfly. Then two days before the party she decided on being Wonder Woman. We had a Rainbow Dash (color run) outside for the kiddos. Meadow opted out of the race. All the other kids had a blast. Running while holding hands with friends was more fun for Meadow I guess. With Scott having to work Meadow and I biked over to their house. I just love biking with her. Back at home Meadow wanted to make a party hat out of paper. Since we put away most of her toys to keep the house clean Meadow has become very creative. She's always wanting to create things or draw. I got home just in time to see

Before and After Photos of our Home

Since our home is the best it's going to be while living here I thought I would share photos from when we first moved in and compare them to what our house looks like now. The photos from 2010 are from when we first moved in so a lot of the rooms hadn't been put together yet.  Our closet 2010 2010  2017 2017 Not much has changed to this room except it became Scott's office instead of our giant walk-in closet. I always thought we would do something with the walls, but I guess that never happened. Upstairs bathroom 2010 2017 So long fish wallpaper and asbestos tile. Adding the white porcelain tile really brightened up the room. Stairway 2010 2012 This didn't change at all in the last 5 years. It's the only bright colored space in our house. Dining room 2010 2017 Living room 2010 2017 Not the best photo from when we first moved in, but you get the idea. Guest room 2