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Spring Means Gardening, Grill Outs and Bike Rides

I spent my Saturday morning at Wirth Chalet for the Assemble 26th Avenue public artists workshop. Meanwhile Meadow and I fed Honey while Tyler and Emma are out of town.  When I walked in their kitchen the toaster oven turned itself on and the timer went off. It freaked me out a little so I unplugged it.  I'm loving Emma's twig fence.  We headed over to their house before eating breakfast. Back at home Meadow sliced some fruit for our breakfast. Giant yogurt bowls. After that I spent all morning baking a Lemon Rhubarb Bundt cake and a loaf of bread. On Friday we made gyro nachos. These were even better as leftovers. Meadow's going to hate having all of these pics of her eating when she's older. At least she's super cute. "Take a picture of me doing ballet." She loves ballet and no longer requires the classical radio station to do some killer moves. We are either too busy on nice days, or it r

Meadow Wants Montessori, Mama Wants to Canoe Minneapolis

We have started looking for preschools for Meadow. Scott contacted a nearby Montessori School and they told him they were having an open house. First thing in the morning we biked over there. We biked through bucolic Clevleand and Victory neigborhoods. And we kept on heading north to where the city ends. Well, technically this is still the northside. This place was a lot farther north than I expected. I also pictured the school to be in a new building, not an old Catholic school. Meadow was ready to check out Bright Water . I had no idea what a Montessori School was heading in. After our tour I was persuaded that this was perfect for Meadow. Apparently Scott was clueless that I was already implementing things at home. After our tour guide explained what it was, he was like oh Meadow does some of that already. Before we could leave, Meadow played with a little girl that already attended. Then back home we biked. I really wish the sch