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Meadow @ 10 Months

At 10 months Meadow weighs 17 pounds 15 ounces and is 26 1/2 inches long. I feel like she has grown up so much this month. She's starting to understand us more and has become more playful. She loves playing peek-a-boo, rolling a ball back and forth and pretends to give you something then doesn't let go.  She's a tug of war master. One of her top middle teeth has poked through and another should be coming soon. In total, she has five teeth.   She currently loves Peanut's ears and tail, laughing at everything, eating anything and everything off the floor, exploring, watching kids, the beach, grass, panting like a dog, eating paper and being pushed in the swings at the park.  Her hair gets lighter and lighter. Pssst...It's because she's in the sun more. It happens to her papa every summer.  She still wakes up once or twice at night. Two nights in a row she slept through the night.  She doesn't seem to like her glasses and

Twin Cities Home Tour

As if Blake wasn't sick of us already. We convinced him to stick around until the weekend. We needed a sitter for Thursday and Saturday and I talked him into going to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Home Tour with me. Today was pretty chilly. I'm already missing the south. I feel like we already had summer and now its fall.

Florida or Bust: Alligators in the Swimming Hole, A Plantation Home, Memphis BBQ, Frozen Custard and an Arch in St. Louis, Mark Twains Home and Some Frank Lloyd Wright for Good Measure

Day 13 Another morning another new campsite. This time we drove back into Mississippi to Clear Springs campground in the Homochitto National Forest as we are taking US 61 back north. I tried to pretend I was sleeping. The little one knew better than that.

Florida or Bust: New Orleans Easter Parade Madness, Daiquiris Through a Drive Thru and a Baton Rogue Come Down

Day 12 We arrived at our campsite late again. I couldn't believe we had to pay $20 flat. Why should we have to pay the same as RV's when we don't use any hookups? We kind of got lost looking for Big Biloxi campground. GPS was not being our friend.

Florida Or Bust: St. George Island Adventure, Boiled Peanuts, Escape from Florida and an Alabama Mellow Mushroom

Day 11  Our favorite alarm clock. I guess she's better than the real thing.

Florida or Bust: Silver Springs Was a Tourist Trap, Onward to the Gulf Coast and More Pizza

Day 9 As with all the hotels Scott picks for work I make sure he gets one with free breakfast. Blake and I had chosen a different hotel, but Scott insisted on the Holiday Inn Express. The breakfast was pretty average, but not as bad as the hotel we stayed at in Rochester, Mn. They actually wanted to me to cancel our second night here, but in the end we decided it was easier to stay another night. Scott pretty much had off this day. I wish we could have spent another day by the beach. There aren't that many beaches in central Florida. I noticed on our atlas a Silver Springs . Our atlas is a few years old. When looking up this place online I read that the Florida State Parks had bought it after the place was declining in tourists.  Going in it looked promising.  According to Wiki-pedia: Silver Springs  is a group of  artesian springs  that feed into the  Silver River  in  Marion County, Florida . It is the largest  artesian spring  in the world and Flori