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Falling for Meadow at 3 months

It's getting cooler outside which means Scott brings out the flannel. Flannel shirt. Check. Flannel-lined pants. Check. Flannel underwear. Not so much. I had a quick breakfast then made breakfast again for Scott and I. He always complains I don't make breakfast for him. I'm always so hungry when I get up I have to eat right away. Oh, man. Everyday I love this woman more. And look at the beautiful daughter we made! Meadow loves putting everything you give her in her mouth lately.  As you can see we are slowly working on Meadow's room. I talked to my sister. I was hoping to Skype with her and our newest baby niece, Simone. Unfortunately they don't have internet for the time being. I've been trying to get her to sleep on her own lately. She fell asleep while I was nursing her then woke up as soon as I moved.  We grew two pie pumpkins this year. Our biggest ones yet.  I prepped them for roasting. I then froze the puree fo

Meadow @ 3 Months

Three months old and Meadow is still a peanut. She loves being the loudest baby in the room and has finally started to open her hands up more. Still likes having them in fists.  She will hold something if you hand it to her and if she drops it she will pick it back up if its in reach. She has discovered her hands and will suck on her fingers like its the end of the world. Actually she puts anything in her mouth that's in her hands.  She still loves her black and white mobile. I tried changing it out and she didn't like the new one. She likes shiny things, her play keys, the crinkle page in her fabric book, looking at herself in her mirror, her hands, eating, baths, being talked to and being held.  She is trying to roll over and can get to her side. She holds her head up real high when doing tummy time. She even tries to get to a toy that she can see.  She has started sleeping really well at night. She sleeps 7-8 hours and gets up only once or

Open Streets Harvest Fest or Fun Times in North Minneapolis

She's been sleeping longer at night and much happier in the mornings. 

Cooking with the Autumn Harvest

Meadow is no longer in newborn clothes. She's getting so big. The majority of her 0-3 month clothes are for boys, sorry Meadow.  Either for boys or just plain gaudy. She loves her hands. Fist pump baby doesn't know what a thumb is. Even though I'm getting sick of ice cream we keep having it in our house. It's Ice Cream-o-clock I say. You can never get sick of ice cream. We did some harvesting in our garden again. Things have slowed down since the weather has been cooler.  We got a bunch of tomatoes all at once and now we've only had one in the past 2 weeks. I was really hoping to do some canning this year. We had a pretty good run of it this year, but the tomatoes are in a stasis. Maybe we'll have to have some fried green tomatoes. Scott thought it was too warm for Meadow's sweatshirt. It wasn't that warm out so I wrapped her in mine.  My little bear and mama bear.  So cute. I think she is a cuter bab