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Another Olive Birthday Party

Earlier this week I came down with some virus. It was horrible. I hadn't been this sick in a long time. I even missed two days of work. So Scott wouldn't catch my germs and listen to me coughing all night he had been sleeping in the guest room. Meadow only had me to wake up in the morning.  Meadow and I had breakfast while Scott slept. I love sleeping in. Olive's birthday party was today. Meadow picked out a cupcake picture to color for her. She was really excited to color the cherry red. Then was really excited to color the whole thing red. She kept saying, "Olive is going to love this!" She's also getting better at staying in the lines. She does the same thing on an iPad coloring game. I'm still not feeling great after being sick. Meadow and I read books in bed. I came up with a meal list for the week. I was super proud of using so many items that we had laying around the kitchen. Every week I take inventory on all

A Weekend in the Cities with G.G. and Mr. Mike

Friday When we were at the cottage last, my parents mentioned they were coming to visit in a couple weeks. I had a million things planned for their stay. Our first thing to do was take advantage of my Minnesota Historical Society membership. When my mom bought my membership she upgraded to one that included two guest passes. James J. Hill's home was on that list. I have been wanting to go for years. The layout reminded me a lot of Glensheen. Except it seemed a lot darker. I guess that's because all of the lighting is era appropriate. Is that the case at Glensheen, Blake? Even though no one in the family could play, the Hill's had a whole room devoted to the organ. It was the thing to do at the time if you were one of the richest people on the planet. The wood carvings were out of this world. And all done by hand. I'm sure James loved the 8 years of construction for the Cathedral going on across from his house. No ho