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Kayak, Hike, Swim and Bike Minneapolis

Sunday  breakfast doens't get much simpler than fried eggs, bacon and chocolate banana bread.

Duluth: Hiking Manitou Falls and Minnesota Point

With no visitors and no plans for the weekend Scott suggested we head back up to Duluth one last time for the summer. What we should have done was checked the weather first. It was going to be the coolest weekend of the summer. So much for getting to go to the beach. 

A Tuska and Torres Reunion plus Steamy Day Swimming at Cedar Lake

After breakfast Scott had to run an errand. Meadow has been picking out her clothes lately. I ask what she wants to wear and she will say dress or shorts. I asked what dress and she said butterfly. 

Camping Round 5: This Time With Friends at Mille Lacs and A Detour to Stillwater

We had planned on going camping again, but hadn't decided where to go when some Northside friends invited us to join them at Father Hennepin State Park. That's the Father Hennepin Park on the southern tip of Lake Mille Lacs and not the park along the river in Minneapolis.

Camping Central Minnesota

This seems to be the summer of camping.