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Olive's Garden

For the first time in a long while Scott and I had the whole day off together. We were going to bike to downtown, but it's already pretty cold outside so we took the bus.  I've really been a wuss this year when it comes winter biking. In fact, it's not even winter yet and the bus has become my primary means of transportation. I figure that between the nine months of biking and three months of taking the bus I save a lot of money.    We decided to eat at Hell's Kitchen , one of our favorite breakfast joints in town. Since it was already well past noon I had lunch instead. Brooke of course always eats breakfast before lunch. For what seems like the millionth time, we got one of the "worst seats in the house." We love sitting there because you get a free carmel roll. Everything is made from scratch at Hell's, so you know that they have "damn good food." Scott ordered the Reuben. It was really good. Brook


Again this year Scott works Black Friday. I planned to go home, but couldn't find a ride. Like last year we decided to have Friendsgiving.  Scott didn't sleep well the night before so I started getting things ready while he slept. I gathered some items around our house for Olive to play with. All I could think of was the impending doom that was Black Friday madness. I didn't fall asleep until 5 a.m.   I started making dinner rolls while he slept. Peanut thought Olive's play area was for him.  Then I set the table. I decided to keep one of our wedding tablecloths and use it for today. We have lots more if anyone wants one.  I didn't do any special decorating or place-cards. It reminded me of our wedding. Man, was that day fun ! I almost forgot to eat breakfast. I had you guessed it, cinnamon oatmeal. Wedn