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I'm a Fairy: Halloween with Meadow Jane and Friends

Our Halloween festivities started with our annual pumpkin carving party with Cevonne and Jose. Of course it has to be done with Skype. I really wish they would move back already.
This year I attempted to make a cyclops, but it turns out that a pumpkin-cyclops just looks like a gourd with two strange eyes.
Meadow painted hers blue marble. It was "going to be beautiful".
I guess my pumpkin won this year.
Meadow was a little afraid of our pumpkins once they were lit up.

We had photos from a Armatage Park Halloween Party and Eleanor's Birthday party, but Scott lost the memory card...
Life happens.
Sunday For the first time in forever I made Sunday breakfast. Kaiserschmarrn it was.
We really had no plans until later in the day. I wanted to get some yarn for a new project. We drove down to Linden Hills to check out the almost-closed Needlework Unlimited. So, many yarn stores have closed since I moved here.

Most knitters were trend followers. Brooke just keeps on keeping o…

Scenes from Interstate State Park Hiking and Canoeing to Lake Minnetonka's Big Island

Friday I'm having surgery later this week to remove a giant abnormal mole. This weekend is dedicated to adventures since I won't be able to do much next weekend. And it could be the last nice weekend for a while.
First stop, the library for storytime.
After picking out a stack of books we were hungry.
I suggested we go over to the Broadway Bar and Pizza for a lunch buffet. Pizza and pasta? Heck yeah!
You had me at buffet.
We have been working on phonics with Meadow lately. When she got her spaghetti she said, "Ba-sket-ti starts with B!" 
We have a Wisconsin State Park pass that we really hadn't used as much as I thought we would this year. Unlike Minnesota State passes they are good for that year only, no matter when you buy it. Where as Minnesota is good for a year after it is purchased. So we decided to go to Interstate State Park on the Wisconsin side.
While Scott was busy painting the car Meadow and made leaf piles.
Just touching up some scratches so we can dr…