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Sushi Sunday

Amanda asked: Where do you guys get your ideas for groceries? Well we love cookbooks and all things food related. We subscribe to Bon Appetit and get lots of ideas from there. Whenever I'm at the library I usually pick out cookbooks there. If it's a book we really like we end up buying it. Scott was feeling productive right as he got up and reorganized our cookbooks. I'm hoping this will stay this way for at least a week. You notice the meticulous organization by cuisine...well, I still have to organize the baking shelf a bit better. My little bro is visiting during his spring break. Blake decided it would be cool to put the Diana lens on his SLR (or maybe it was Brooke's idea). Scott gathers the ingredients for breakfast.     The three of us cook together. It's nice having an extra helper.   While I was toasting the french toast Blake attempted to dislodge a stuck knife. It took a while, but we did get it out.  The results were these magnificent

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The first thing I do when I get up is laundry. I don't do one or two loads a week like most people. I wait until I'm out of something and do 3 loads at once. Thus creating a backup in our laundry chute. I then tackle our grocery list by finding meals to make for the next week. We decided to head to the West Bank's best crusty punk-breakfast joint, Hard Times . The food here is pretty rad as you can see, as is Riverside Plaza (aka Little Somalia), which is just a hope skip and jump down the road. I recently told someone that Minneapolis is characterless; this neighborhood bucks that trend. The combination of divey bars, college kids, breakfast co-ops, Somalis and the Wienery give this decaying neighborhood all the character in the world. Let's hope that the impending Central Corridor LRT development and the U's propensity to expand don't change this. We needed to get some things at Menards. A trip to the hardware store is bec