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Three Lakes, Wisconsin is the Best: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

We decided to take Meadow out of school a little early to head to the cottage for the weekend. We also wanted to stop by the Amish buffet we went to a while back. It was closed, but we did end up getting to Three Lakes at a more reasonable time. I'm hoping they were just closed because they're too busy. I'm worried the health department shut them down or they didn't get enough business. We were the first to arrive and had to say hello to the lake. It was warmer outside than inside. Theo had found a good place to rest. I don't think Meadow minded too much. Then Blake showed up with his dinner. I found a new puzzle for Meadow to do. I helped her out.

We Almost Didn't Make It to Doors Open Minneapolis

Theo thinks its okay to stand on tables. It's not.

Gardening, Roman's Bday, Bike and Brew and an Ugly Mother's Day Brunch

We had planned on going up to Duluth again, but decided to instead spend some time around the cities. Theo has been slowly practicing his walking.

The Last Mayday?

I was making cardamon and sour cream waffles when I hear my camera go off.