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Wisco Caves, An Apple Fest near Appleton, Bay Beach and a Nephew Dedication Weekend

Thursday My sister invited us to a dedication for our nephews Harvey and Brayden. Since we hadn't been to the Fox Valley since March, we figured, why not? My dad was out of the town for the Father-Son Weekend at the cottage. My mom had to work all weekend so it was pretty quiet at home. Meadow was super excited to play with new toys before she went to bed.. Friday And  a new-to-her swing in the morning. After breakfast we decided to meet my sister Brittany at Once Upon A Child for the coat event. Meadow has tons of hand me down/gifts from Amanda coats at home. We found new winter boots for Meadow instead. Afterwards we decided to head over to Manitowoc County to check out the Maribel Caves . A former classmate of mine had been here a few weeks ago and posted photos on Facebook. I'm surprised we had never heard of this place. This area used to be a resort for tourists as far as Chicago. Because of the natural springs in the area a hotel was built f