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Christmas in Cudahy

Dec 22 - We got an Egg Nog Shake This year we went to my parent's place for Christmas. On the way we got some Jimmy John's and Meadow was extremely disappointed when I didn't bring back a pb and j. A ham and cheese sub just wouldn't do. To console the little rascal we told her we'd get a malt. When I got an egg nog milkshake she was not happy. So, Brooke and I drank it instead. Dec 23 - We Shopped for Our Christmas Dinner We had to go to Blaine's Farm and Fleet to get casings for our homemade sausages. First Meadow and I test drove an adult bicycle. I kind of think these are awesome. This would be a perfect cottage bike.  Toy land had been cleaned out by Christmas Eve, eve. Then we headed to Outpost with the rest of the world. We ended up parking down the street. We mostly came here to get all the seasonings for the Tuska-family Hungarian Sausage and a Polish Sausage my mom would like. I decided to also get the meat there.  A butc