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Grocery Shopping with Two Bikes and a Babe

We had blueberry oatmeal for breakfast. You know, since we went berry picking last week .

Berries and a Beach with the Fialas

I knew we had an exciting day ahead of us so I got up first and made breakfast. Bacon, garlic spinach, eggs and toast. I wasn't sure what was cooking, but it smelled great. I think I'll have to make Brooke some breakfast soon to make up for it.

Meadow Goes to the Other Grandparents

We both had a few days off and had been meaning to get down to Milwaukee this summer. So why not? We had made it near Pigeon Falls when we decided to take a detour through Pigeon Falls. I saw the exit and said, "Do you think there's a waterfall in Pigeon Falls?" Meadow has caused us to take our traveling time slower. Instead of driving straight to places we usually have to make a couple of stops. In a way it's kind of nice. We get to see places we don't normally get to see on our usual drives. I think I've taken the midwest for granted. We really do have some beautiful landscapes if you stop and take a look at it. When we came out the other end we were in Sparta, Wisconsin and hungry. El Vallarta was a mixed bag. My carnitas burrito was quite good with buttery, crumbly pork, but Brooke's tacos had a weird SpaghettiOs taste. You really never know what to expect at small town Mexican restaurants. Meadow quickly pointed out tha