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Apples, Beer & Open Streets

This week has been going well without a car. Although now I take the car to work on Mondays and Wednesdays. Even still we've only gone 90 miles with the car since we got back from Milwaukee. I wish we had kept track of how many miles we were biking verses using on the car. Next time I will try to remember to do that.  We had a fun filled weekend starting with having dinner with Cevonne and Jose at their house. 

CSA Week 16

This is our last one. I was hoping it would last into October, but I guess with the drought this year and cold weather coming early it has to be this way. We will have a Harvest Dinner with other members and then it's over. I will definitely join again next year. 

Punks and Hipsters Getting Along: Fisheye Edition

So far the no car rule has been working out pretty well. I did cheat and take the car to my yoga class. Since I was going alone I didn't want to have to bike back at night alone. Although it wasn't far away I probably would have been fine. 

A Grand Rounds Kind Of Day

With all our jars in the kitchen it sometimes gets confusing what is what. Especially the grains and things like powdered sugar and cake flour. I've seen chalkboard being painted on jars around the internet so I thought I'd give it a try. 

CSA Week 14

Finally no cucumbers!!!!!

Over the River & Through the Woods to Grandmothers House We Clean

My mom had wanted us to come down to my grandparents home to clean for months. Unfortunately a busy summer had kept us away. We finally made it a week after our honeymoon ended. We slept at my parents home in Cudahy before heading down to Racine. We got home from our trip on Tuesday and left for Milwaukee on Thursday. It was almost like an extended vacation. Before leaving the cities we stopped and had dinner at Foxy Falafel. It was pretty good and I like that she uses sprouted chickpeas.  I never knew my grandparents on Poppyseed Tuska's side so Grandma and Grandpa Wojcik were a special part of my life. They both passed away last year after living nearly 90 wonderful years.  Their home was always a wonderfully warm and inviting place. The perfect place to spend your Christmas Eve in front of a fire place. Since it's going to be sold, Brooke and I took on the massive task of organizing and cleaning the home. When Scott told me his mom wanted us to c