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A 50s Era Map Guides Us on a Twin Cities Day Trip in the Fiala's Giant SUV

Another week and another house full of crazy Fiala kids. One day June asked if he could have a half-sandwich/half-bagel. We obliged.

Another Fiala Weekend

With the Fiala's still here, June has been a handy helper. We made kasierschmarrn ...of course.

The Fialas Move In

My sister Chelsea texted me last week saying she was going to be in town for work and asked if she could stay the weekend.  And she did. Meadow wanted to have a sleepover with Chelsea and stayed with her in the guest room while she was here. I made big pancakes for everyone for breakfast. After breakfast Chelsea headed home. She wanted to beat the snowstorm coming and see her boys. After she left Meadow helped me make granola. Whenever she helps Brooke she seems way more helpful. I found stickers hiding in one of our kitchen cabinets. Meadow got excited to use them all on one picture. "It's going to be beautiful!" Leftover nacho toppings and chips are the best leftovers. Then Tyler and Emma dropped off their kids while they finished some last things on their house. I had spent the whole previous day helping them move their things into a storage unit. For the next couple of weeks they'll be

A Tettegouche Camp Cabin and Roller Garden Brooke Birthday

Saturday It's become a yearly tradition to stay at a cabin for my birthday. Since Saturday night was the only night that worked for us this year, our locations to stay at were slim. We had casually checked places all week. We hoped to stay somewhere with snow, but all those places were far away or booked. We decided to wait to see what was available on Saturday.