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Fort Wayne For Work and Back to Michigan to Visit Family

Scott had a shoot in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This time I was shooting some high end pontoons at the Harris Boat factory. Having never been there before we decided to come along too. To break up the 9.5 hour drive we stopped for the night near Madison, Wisconsin. The kids love staying in hotels. This was our first stay at Tru by Hilton. Dumb name, slick hotels. Once we arrived in Fort Wayne we found a playground for the kids to burn off some energy after being in the car for so long. 

One More Down: We Go to Faribault's Rice County Fair

  We like to go to one of the county fairs every year and thought we would try out Rice County this year.   It was gonna be warm, but with 2020 canceled, in general, we had to make it out to a fair in 2021. We got there early afternoon and not too much was going on yet.   It was like 90 degrees.

Back in Stillwater for Some Berry Picking and Swimming

Since we'd actually be home this weekend it seemed like a good time to go berry picking. Usually we go at the end of July but with the hot, dry summer it was already nearing the end of the season. Our usual place The Berry Patch was already closed for the season. Luckily I found Blueberry Fields of Stillwater who had a few days left.  I also had to get a drone shot for Discover Stillwater. When we got out there I instantly noticed the haze. It's been the summer of fires to the west and the north. So, we get these lovely false overcast days. Honestly, I kind of liked this place better. They keep the plants covered to avoid bugs so the bushes have tons of berries. We stayed at the same bush the entire time we picked. And bonus they let you use stools. I prefer picking apples or evens strawberries, but nothing is better than fresh blueberries even if picking them is a pain.

A Big Old Family 4th and Our First Trip to the Fox Valley and Bay Beach in Forever

For Meadow's 8th Birthday this year she asked for mermaid cupcakes for her birthday dessert. Sadly with all our traveling I didn't have time to make it myself this year. Luckily our local grocery store had some.  A few days before her big day I asked her what she wanted to do for dinner. She said, "I want to go out, but you might not like the place I pick." I totally though she was going to say McDonalds and was shocked when she said Subway. I don't even know the last time she's had Subway.  Her birthday gifts this year were a Jarrito, Harry Potter legos from Theo, Super Mario 3D World and Yoshi for Nintendo Switch and a new unicorn bike helmet.  We began our 4th of July weekend a little early with a trip to Marshfield, WI. I had to shoot a cable company store and I didn't feel like going back and forth from Wisconsin to Minnesota and then back again. Meadow found something shiny at the bottom of the hotel pool and I went diving for it.  We got to the cott