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Scott's 28th Birthday Extravaganza

I decided to have a birthday party at our place since Meadow can't go out and we have friends with kids. For some reason I thought making pizza for a bunch of friends was a great idea.  After making one successful batch of dough the recently repaired Kitchenaid mixer went kaput again. I had to knead the rest by hand.  While Scott worked on the pizza dough I started baking the birthday boys cake. This year he requested chocolate cake with berry filling. Because...why not? Meadow requested a mesh thingy with banana to hold her over while we baked.  Somewhere in here our hand mixer also broke, so I went out and bought a new one.  I was worried I had over-baked it, but Scott assured me it would be fine.   On Scott's actual birthday he requested crepes for breakfast.   I am no match to Scott's crepe making skills. Mine were more like tortillas. They were basically exactly like mine except I use more butter and higher heat.  Mea

Meadow @ 7 Months

At her last checkup a few weeks ago she was 15lbs 8oz and 25 1/4"long. Currently she loves exploring, watching Peanut, watching shadows, doing yoga, eating real food, being held, eating tags, grabbing people's faces. She has learned to crawl forward.  Now she's working on sitting on her own. She's started solids. So far she's eaten apples, pears, avocado, sweet potatoes and bananas. So far I think avocados are her favorite. If she eats the baby slop we put the food on her spoon and she will feed herself. Next month we will work on her scooping the food herself.  She's working on drinking from a glass and does pretty well. She's says "Hi" a lot and "Oh boy".  She's on a more predictable sleep schedule. She goes to bed between 9-10. Wakes up around midnight and four. Wakes up for the day around 9. Takes her two naps around noon and four.  Her hair is starting to finally grow back on her bald

Hanging with Caribbeans in the Dead of Winter

Good morning sunshine. Someone learned how to crawl last week . Meadow is the queen of stuffed animals. We decided to take out most of these since she wants to sleep or chew everyone. I asked Scott to make breakfast again.  It's what I do. Meadow really only likes to be in the jumper for 5 minutes. I wish she would stay in it longer.  Brooke and the babe were keeping an eagle eye on my cooking. We hadn't had aebelskievers in a long time. Scott complained that they were just complicated pancakes and complained the whole time while he made them. Because they all burnt. I soon realized I forgot the cooking spray. These are pretty delicious. They're kind of like little filled-pancake donuts. During breakfast Cevonne texted asking if we wanted to come over. Meadow waking up at the same time every night has made me a zombie. Lately Meadow has discovered shadows. She is easily entertained when I make shadow puppets. Tod