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Fox Valley Thanksgiving 2023

Brooke wanted to skip it, but the rest of were raring to go to the Fox Valley for Thanksgiving. I wanted to leave on Thanksgiving morning but Scott said that was too late.    Leave it to my mom to always spoil Meadow. She got her a cat ornament. This year I made actual homemade pumpkin pie since I was poopooed after making it from the can last year. Same recipe , just substituted pureed roasted pumpkin. Ended up making two pies since I had so much filling. I don't make pretty pies, but they taste good.

Farmers Markets and Backyard Rink Building

Everyone ate whatever they wanted for breakfast. Theo picked mangos and eggs. I think he could eat that every day. Kid loves mangoes. We finally framed Scott's family sausage recipe.  Hungarian Sausage if you're curious. Along with a recipe card of my Grandma's.  We thought we'd check out the downtown Minneapolis Farmers Market one last time this year. I was expecting there to be a lot more open vendors but the stalls were already full of Christmas trees. 

Boring November Happenings

  We went to Ikea and got way more than we were planning. Since we were across from MOA we had Theo get Meadow's Christmas gift. We finally got frames for the Tuska family Hungarian Sausage recipe. It's big pancake day. Earlier this week, Theo came over and whispered to me that he wanted a friend to come over to play. I wrote a note for his mom and asked Theo to give it to him. A few days later and we were having him over. We told Theo that we had to clean up when we have guests over. He put up a fight but eventually vacuumed the living room.  Covid set Theo back a little socially so it makes my heart so happy to see that he's making friends at school. A year ago he was still afraid to go to a playground if other kids were there. Theo also believes that since he was born in the winter he doesn't need to wear a coat or shoes outside.  We finally got new house numbers and debated where they should go for a good while.

Early November and Not Many Photos

  German apple pancake for breaky.  We still had some apples left from apple picking.