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Memorial Day Means Cottage Season

For the first time in probably four years I had Memorial day off. I also only have 3 weeks left before I need to stick around Minnesota. Having the baby outside of the state wouldn't be good. I decided we should head up after we were both done with work. I'm not really a morning person. I'm sure you already figured that out. My dad and Keenan were already up. My dad said they didn't have any food so we had to make pancakes from scratch ha.  My dad and Keenan left to go fishing for the day. An out of state fishing license is 50 bucks. So we stuck around the cottage.  Brooke took the kayak out while I chugged along on the paddle boat. Do they make more efficient paddle boat's nowadays. If they weren't so slow they'd be fun. We still haven't gotten a roof rack for our kayaks. Otherwise we'd both be kayaking. Scott was bored riding the paddle boat so we headed back. I read more on how to be a mom. If reading a lot of b