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Sundays Aren't As Fun As They Used To Be

Slowly but surely I am growing. I sure hope we can name it Forrest. Such a good name.   I was checking to see how different I looked from when we first starting taking photos at 5 weeks. Oh, I got a new computer with the insurance money from the break in. I hope that jerk enjoys a seven-year-old iBook. I'm going to be selling the one on the left to Mr. Mike.  Pretty much all my plants except for the peppers have sprouted. I think this is going to be a great year gardening. Waffles for breakfast. Now, that's worthy of breakfast in bed.  While Scott was busy making breakfast I was busy contacting everyone I knew to get their phone number. This past week the touchscreen on my old phone decided to quit on me making the phone pretty useless. Last night I bought a new one. Since I couldn't get to my contacts I had to do it the old fashioned way. Thank goodness for Facebook.  After last weeks discussion, we decided to start cataloging ou

Bread, Skype and Weeds

For Valentines I made Scott a bunch of coupons. One of them was breakfast in bed. When we woke up he said, "Breakfast in bed coupon day?" We didn't have any milk, so I said I could only make oatmeal. He changed his mind then asked for his Grandpa's oatmeal. After I made it and brought it upstairs he was back to sleep. An hour later he realized it was there then said, "This doesn't count towards my coupon right?" What a punk. Oatmeal is a zero on the breakfast scale. It's something you eat on a Tuesday morning. I thought coupons had some value to it. Still love you babe.   After only a week, a few of my plants have already sprouted. I hope they don't get too big before I can transplant them to the garden. Too big will probably mean that they'll survive. So, I'm not to worried.  This weeks bread is Potato Rosemary. I made a biga the night before and brought it out to warm up.  As this had potato in it I had to

Sunday, Snowy Sunday

I didn't know these were going on the blog but okay. I think my posture has gotten worse yikes. I'm not sure you know, but Brooke's pregnant. She's showing a little bit.  We got up late and I was too hungry to wait for breakfast so we opted for cereal. I actually have been craving cereal for a while, so this was a nice change. I told my best friend for life Olger that we were expecting. He was very excited and didn't reprimand me. I was expecting a harsh reaction from my brother and Olger, but they were actually pretty cool abou it. They usually say we're too young for any big announcement. There had been talks the last few days of a blizzard coming. When we woke up it was just freezing rain then it turned to white fluffy snow. I don't really think it rained that much. I thought today would be a good day to start my seeds for the garden this year. I asked Scott to get the greenhouse and some pots from the garage. His task was in

A Como Conservatory Super Sunday

I went to bed early the night before with a bad headache. It was still there when I woke up. For once Scott got up before me to make breakfast. I made us anarchy orange-chocolate chip pancakes. Just so you know, I did not try to make that "A" on my pancake, it just happened. What a mess Scott. Well, Brooke, I was trying to put the chickpeas in the container when they went all over. I did clean it up, so no big deal. We decided to make a day of it, so I threw the chickpeas into a slow cooker. By the time we got home they'd be perfect for hummus. The weather lately has been very cold and dry. I usually get headaches when it's like this so I thought a day at the conservatory would be just what I needed. The first room we went into was so warm and humid. It was so nice, but it fogged up our lenses the whole time. Brooke got this great picture nonetheless. She later asked me, "Did you know there was a turtle in the mist?" No..