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Let's Go Play in the Sand...and then the Snow

Oh, these two. Theo is suddenly really good at eating with a spoon. He's even better at having tons of food on the ground. I told Meadow if she put her laundry away she could play on the iPad. Little girl has style. We kept on saying we should go somewhere, but for some reason it just kept on being put off. These two were cute in their fort. Eventually we made it out of the house to the MN Zoo.  It was only open for two more hours, but at least we weren't stuck at home. Meadow wanted to make sure I got a pictures of the purple starfish. She just stared and stared at the seahorses. They have a giant indoor sandbox. This is the main reason we came here. Theo was having the time of his life. He's going to love going to the beach this summer. The kiddo was doing really well, but eventually he started eating sand. He must've thought the shovel was a giant spoon. We stayed

Theo @ 12 Months

Our little buddy is no longer a little baby. I felt like the first 6 months of his life were slow and the last 6 months flew by. He loves pulling things out of drawers and off shelves, laughing at Meadow, eating anything, going in cupboards, playing with water, being held, dancing to music, making bubbles. He ate a black olive and wasn't sure, then the next day gobbled them up. He has yet to eat something he doesn't like. He still prefers crawling to trying to walk. He will walk if he holds your hands or using his walker. He still has no teeth. He's learned to whistle and says uh aw. He's much better at sleeping during the night. He mostly sleeps through the night or gets up once. If he does wake up it's between 5-7am. If he gets the chance he will sleep in. He still nurses but only 3-4 times a day. It's all true. He's a sweetheart. Our sweetheart. Theo's questions as answered by Meadow How old is Theo?  One What is

Theo's Up North Snow-Filled 1st Birthday

Since we couldn't make it up in January ( besides New Year's)  we decided to go up to the cottage for Theo's first birthday. I didn't have any parties planned for him (sorry second child) so it was just us and my parents. I'm pretty sure this weekend was just as memorable as a party. When we were up for New Year's we passed by a sign advertising for an Amish Buffet. We made the effort this time to stop by and try it out. We ate in the dining room while the women worked in the kitchen. One of the women had just had a baby just 5 days earlier and the baby slept in a crib next to us. We came in between breakfast and lunch so had a mix of both. We ate eggs, pancakes, a breakfast casserole, chicken noodle soup, fried fish, potato pancakes, homemade ketchup, pie, brownies and homemade ice cream. It will be interesting to see how the food changes with the seasons.  We arrived just before my parents. My dad was just here two weeks ago and already th

Snow, Snow and More Snow (and Some Sledding)

What started out as a lame winter of mild temps and no snow turned into record snowfall. At least it would before the month of February.

Old Man Tuska's Birthday and an Unrelated Sled Party

For Scott's 33rd Birthday he requested cheesecake in a Bundt pan. It was supposed to have Kahlua in it, but we never picked it up. It was going to be great regardless. We had record low temperatures this week so I wasn't stopping anywhere. Theo loved his first taste of cheesecake. He even got mad when he finished his right away and we were still eating. It was really good. You can't blame the little fella. Brooke got me a new camera bag from Oliday . Well, actually, a camera backpack. I can fit a camera or two, a few lenses and my drone. This is a pretty great present. "Are we done already"? Yup, that's it. We did go out for dinner at Cleveland Wok , but  I forgot my camera. On Saturday Meadow made some dresses with her play silks. Theo made some silly faces at his sister. Meadow wanted to play outside. I caught her playing with the neighbors drain pipe. Eventually she did get brave enough to ding