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Another Romenesko Christmas

With Scott's family being 6 plus hours away we decided to stay a little closer this year and have Christmas with my family. Saturday When I woke up I was offered an omelet and Spam. I'd never ate Spam. I was afraid, but I persevered. It actually tastes a lot like canned corned beef in loaf form. I woke up not feeling so great and returned back to bed. So Theo, Meadow, Grandpa and I watched Christmas movies and played all day. At some point Meadow came back from her cousins with a "sleigh" that she'd built with Aunt Chelsea.  My dad pretended to be Santa and Meadow Rudolph. After laying around all day Blake eventually showed up. G.G. said she was making us lasagna. I didn't realize she meant the frozen variety. It was still good. Meadow found a giant boxing glove in the basement and proceeded to punch grandpa. Meadow asked to sleep in her sleigh. And she did for the rest of the Christmas weekend.