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A Few Small Steps to Selling our House

Since today was going to be an all housework day we decided to do a picture an hour. Mostly because when we are working on something we forget to take pictures.  8:19am I wake up first 9:21am I start cleaning the kitchen by doing dishes leftover from the day before. 10:23am Scott and Meadow finally wake up and make crepes. It's been ages since we've made crepes, so why not. 11:24am I needed a haircut and beard trim before we cleaned up the bathroom. I get back to decluttering and deep cleaning the kitchen. Meadow watches tv. 12:31pm Still cleaning the kitchen. Meadow gets herself some milk. Scott finishes painting exterior trim. After all these years, I finally have the exterior looking like I'd like it. One last coat on this window and we're ready to go. 1:33 pm Scott stands outside while Meadow plays in the yard. Oh and Tyler is currently living in our driveway. Actually I think I was painting the

Random Tasks To Sell a House on the Northside and a Franconia Sculpture Park Visit

We have officially decided to finally sell our house. We have been talking about it for almost 2 years now and we decided it's now or never. Well, we decided on this in the spring, but, with all of our traveling and adventure seeking, it's taken until the early fall to complete our list of tasks. This is also the first weekend since March that we are home with no guests and no plans. So perfect time to tackle our projects. After cereal and avocado toast it was time to work. While we worked Meadow occupied herself by building boats. Soon these will be going back to the Fiala kids, so she'll need to get as much block building in as possible. "Take my picture by my drawing." Meadow's been drawing one or two of these pictures per week. Then she adds more details every day. I finally got our half bath tiled. Looking pretty good for my first floor tile job. With all the tiles in place and cleaned, I was just going to l

The Farber's Come Up for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival

My sister had been planning to come to visit. One of the main reasons she wanted to was to get some family photos taken. She decided on having them done in front of a mural. They picked the I Like You Store. I guess Marina wasn't feeling the camera in her face. This was how most of the pictures turned out. We did get a few with Marina facing the camera.

Grandpoppy Minnesota History Weekend

Scott's dad had talked about coming up for the State Fair. That didn't end up working out so he said he would come in September. The day after we returned from Wisconsin he was here. We thought we would take him to Taylor's Falls for the day. When we reached the town we were already hungry for lunch. We stopped at The Drive-In .   We don't really know any other options in town, so it's kind of our default option. Although the pizzeria and malt shoppe looked good. We had plans to go to the Folsom House , but it wasn't quite open yet so we walked around the darling neighborhood of Angel Hill. Apparently you have to paint your house white to live here. There was one house that had a yellow hue, but everything else stuck to white. Then we got a solo tour of the house. My dad loves old houses and asked a few questions to our tour guide. The guide was super well-informed. He knew so many little details about the house that our tour went a