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Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival Meets Art Shanties

 I woke up first again. We had plans to walk over to Bogart's Donuts for breakfast so I made a smoothie and avocado toast to tie me over.

A January Friendsgiving in our New Place and Our First Restaurant Walk

I missed out on the Big Pancake breakfast because I had to go to a prenatal appointment. Somehow big pancakes have went from a special Saturday breakfast to Meadow and I's go to homemade breakfast.

A Week in at the Condo

One of the main reasons we picked the condo was the awesome location. We get to be close to restaurants and shops in every direction, but we also will still be near big parks.  On the first day that Brooke worked after the move Meadow and I explored nearby Lyndale Farmstead. I knew there was a sled hill, but didn't realize that main hill was behind the Wirth House. Kind of funny that our house was by Theo Wirth Parkway and now we live by his house. We hadn't brought our sleds, but we did have our ice skates. It's been freezing the past few weeks, so when it warmed up on Wednesday, Meadow and I went for a walk over to Lake Harriet and the slumbering rose garden. The balmy day had made the lake quite puddly, but nothing that was unsafe for a good frozen lake hike. A few fisherman were enjoying the warm ice fishing weather. We'll be going to this beach a lot with Meadow and the new baby. The reason I got Meadow to go for our l

The Big Move: We Trade Our Big Home Over North for a Condo Near Lake Harriet

We had one day to get all of our stuff onto the moving truck. Originally it was just going to be Scott and Tyler loading everything. My dad called the day before saying he would drive up for the night to help.  Tyler and I picked up the giant Budget Rental truck and when we got back Mr. Mike was already there. Mr. Mike, Tyler and I (with some help from Meadow) spent the rest of the day packing up the huge rental truck. When they picked me up from work the majority of our house was already emptied. Meadow insisted on sleeping on the floor next to my dad instead of her bedroom. She really loves spending time with her grandpa even if it's just sleeping. Brooke and I rolled out to our closing while Mike and Tyler finished packing. Without those two this move would've been impossible. After our easy closings they met us over at our new condo. Back in the summer during all of our travels I joked we should just live in a condo since we are hardly home to work

Nine Years Later and it's Still Northwoods New Year's Eve

Friday With us moving next week, we had plenty to do before heading up to the cottage for New Year's. We left Friday morning instead of going up Thursday night. We also purposely moved our closing date so we wouldn't miss this year. Did you really think we'd miss our favorite cottage weekend of the year? As soon as we arrived we had to pick out a Christmas tree. I think we chose a pretty good one this year.

2017 A Year In Review

2017 was a great year. I feel like we had lots of fun. This was the year of History, Camping and Carousels.  January - Meadow learned to ice skate on single blades. She didn't even need the walker! Just skated like a pro after going so many times. February - We celebrated Scott's Golden Birthday at the cottage. We just got cross country skis. Another winter sport for us to enjoy. We didn't get out on any trails. After the baby we'll have to get back up to the cottage for some practice. March - Spent my 32nd Birthday hiking to our cabin at Tettegouche State Park. The cabin popped up as available just a few days before Brooke's birthday weekend. April - We took our first of many Hipcamp road trips to West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. When Hipcamp announced road trips for Field Scouts we instantly decided it was time for a vacation. of sorts. West Virginia turned out to be a magical place. May - We spent Mother's Da