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FLOW and Fireworks

My parents always like coming up for the Aquatennial Fireworks . I assumed they wouldn't this year since they already came up in May. My mom had the weekend off and came up anyway. My dad had to work so she brought my sister Brittany and our niece Marina. When they arrived they were just in time for Grandma Lungwitz's famed Rhubarb Pie. The recipe that is. Brooke baked it of course. My mom kept commenting on how Meadow needed a bath. Okay, okay we will give her a bath. We thought she would have more fun if Marina took one with her. At first neither of the girls wanted to go in then they had a blast. I helped curate a photography retrospective for this year's FLOW Northside Art Crawl . I thought I'd take Gail and the crew. Marina and Brittany decided to nap instead. We decided to walk down Broadway stopping along the way, then take the bus back later. The block that got wiped out from the tornado back in 2011 is finally getting a new apa