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Theo @ 1 Month

With Meadow I couldn't wait for her to grow up. Now that I have Theo and know he's going to be my last baby I'm actually sad that he's growing up. On the other hand, I'm counting down the days until he crawls around. He's a cute little dude and it's nice to hold him while lying down, but I can't wait for the two kiddos to play. This is also the time that Meadow likes him the most. She keeps asking when she will be able to play with him. She sure loves him and wants to be by him all the time. So far he's been pretty easy going. Just recently he's become fussier when he's awake. He usually just wants to be held. He nurses frequently during the day and goes longer between feedings at night. I have to admit I'm actually getting enough sleep, except that the interruptions are annoying. He usually does one long stretch like 4-5 hours after he first goes to bed and then wakes every 2-4 hours after that. After a while I h

We Are Home and We are Bored

Another weekend with no plans. Well, your parents were just here. So far Theo is very chill and just sleeps a lot. Some days he's fussier than others, but he definitely seems easier than Meadow was. Whenever Meadow takes a bath she asks to be wrapped in a blanket and watch tv. Ever since she was a little one. On our more exciting Saturday I had made roasted corned beef and cabbage.  So, we had some for lunch. Meadow just adores her little brother. She kisses him every minute of the day. This is probably because I kiss her on the head whenever I'm near. Meadow asked to do puzzles. For a while this was all she did. Meadow played dress up with her soon to fit clothes. We saved all of Meadow's clothes. Since Theo won't be wearing most of them I sorted through all her bins. We actually had more clothes that he could wear than I thought. We finished our somewhat lazy Sunday with blueberry pa

Theo Meets G.G. and Grandpa

The memorial for Scott's dad was still to be decided so we headed back home. My parents were planning to come to visit this weekend too. We were driving back on Brooke's birthday, so I had to make her absurd brookie cheesecake before her rents came to town. I spent my actual birthday taking Theo to doctor appointments. The good news is another blood test was not needed. When my parents showed up my mom surprised us with this giant balloon. It was huge. It would've looked fine in our old place, but it just took over our condo. Meadow still loved it. They also surprised Meadow with Wonder Woman wristbands. GG was pretty excited to see Theo. I was excited for all of the cheese and snacks they brought. Meadow had already found some crackers. We then decided to go out for Friday Night Fish Fry. We chose St. Albert the Great over by Longfellow. I recently got a hankering for old school Catholic fish fries.

Saying Goodbye to Grandpoppy

About two years ago my dad was first diagnosed with cancer. He bounced back through a lengthy regimen of monthly chemotherapy.  In the fall that stopped working.  We didn't know it at the time, but when we drove down to Milwaukee two weeks after Theo's birth, it would be our last time seeing my dad.  The day before we were to drive down to Cudahy my mom called me to to let me know that my dad was moving to a hospice. I'm glad timing worked out that we were able to come down. A week ago we were in the hospital and wouldn't have been able to go. Theo did end up rebounding from the jaundice. The day after we were released his levels went up again. A few days later he was checked again and they had only dropped a small amount. Since they dropped and didn't go up, no additional medical attention was needed. I just had to make sure I was feeding him every 2-3 hours. We made our first stop in Black River Falls to change and feed baby. While Broo