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Building a Play Tent

I'm still trying to make meals with what we have. I found buckwheat and brown rice flour in the freezer. So pancakes it is. I also needed oat flour. Thank you grain mill. Not sure this grain mill is worth it since we use it four times a year. Meadow's been putting her learning tower to good use. Meadow loves to feed Peanut. She gets mad at him whenever she's trying to pour food in his dish and he tries to eat whatever she already poured. I think it would be more appropriate to say Meadow likes to dump cat food in a bowl.  Pancakes with whatever fruit we had plus bacon on the side. Whenever I eat pancakes I always feel really hungry an hour later or I feel cloudy. These pancakes actually make me feel full and energized. I'm thinking we need to continue with our Sunday brunches throughout winter. Since we no longer have to rush to the farmers markets our mornings can be a little slower. We didn't have any plans for the day so I s

Brunch and Snowshoes

Lately I've been trying to pick out meals based off of things we have in our pantry. In the summer we base our meals off of vegetables from the garden or farmers market. We have a lot of cranberries in our freezer that I want to use up. I found a recipe for cranberry scones that I thought we could have for breakfast. I was all, "You're baking for breakfast. That's going to take forever." I've always baked my scones in circle form. I think scone pans are silly.  Since we were going to go on an adventure today I threw together our leftover chilaquiles.  While Scott was out shoveling and chatting with the neighbors, I got Meadow dressed for our outdoor fun. And why yes that would be a 3-6 month snowsuit she's wearing. She's 16 and 1/2 months by the way. We were going to go to one of the regional parks in the area. The only ones that had trails open were 40 minutes away. It was a bit cold outside so I didn't want to

We Actually Built Something

Scott left us in the morning to go do a photoshoot. Meadow and I had breakfast together. While eating breakfast with my parents in Duluth my mom could't believe Meadow could eat a whole banana. I explained to her that she eats a banana, toast and oatmeal, granola or eggs for breakfast everyday. The night before we went to Ikea to get this step stool. We have plans for using it for Meadow as you will see later. While Meadow finished eating I started putting it together. As soon as Scott got back we headed to the Farmers Market for one last time this year. Brooke wanted me to go to the market by myself after the engagement shoot, but what's the fun in that? It's amazing how much produce you can still get on a 39 degree day in mid November. We got a bunch of staples to get us by for a few weeks of groceries: carrots, potatoes, cauliflower to name a few. When we got home Peanut tried to trick me into feeding him. It's his favorite pastime