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Meadow's First Trick Or Treat

We were going to skip carving pumpkins this year until a few days before Halloween when Cevonne asked if we wanted to do it together via Skype. We've been doing this for years with the Torres's. It's great to keep the tradition alive even after they've moved to Austin, Texas. I got some inspiration from a few drilled pumpkins I'd been seeing around. I ran with that. I had a pretty good idea for mine until I got out our carving tools and noticed it came with a template book. I felt a little bad cheating this year. Tsk, tsk. We caught up while they finished carving their's. Scott caved in and turned the heat on the other day. It did dip down to the 30's but it's supposed to warm back up to the 60's. Didn't quite make it to Halloween this year. I requested aebelskivers for breakfast. We hadn't made them in a long time. I found a variant that used whipped egg whites. This really made these better than simp

Biking Down to Seward's Quaint Milwaukee Avenue.

Good morning sunshine! I tried a second time to make kaiserscharrn . This authentic Austrian recipe had a lot more eggs with the whites separated and whipped.

Adventures in the Key of Fall

Meadow is like me and she needs to eat right after waking up. Apparently breakfast was taking too long for her so she snacked on dried apple scraps while she waited.

The Last Day of Summer (Isn't that an Indian Summer? It's Fall)

When I went to bed after Brooke and Meadow I notice a lump where I normally sleep. Since I didn't want to wake Meadow I slept in her bed. She has been asking me a lot lately if she can sleep in mama's bed. I had a headache and was planning to go to bed early anyway so I let her sleep with me. I didn't think she would take over the whole bed. She still managed to be my human alarm clock. I had read about kaiserscharrn in Bon Apetit and thought we should give it a try. Turns out it's basically scrambled big pancake. Not as good, but still fun to try. Tyler and Emma went camping for the night. I'm jelly. They asked if we could feed their dog Honey while they were gone. We stopped over on our way to apple picking.  Meadow doesn't exactly love Honey, so we went inside and played for a bit. She was happy to cut Olive and June's play veggies. Meadow wasn't quite ready to leave for the apple orchard. This year w