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Up to Green Bay and down to Milwaukee

The next day Scott really wanted to go to Green Bay since he hadn't been there since he was 10. I warned him that there wasn't much to see, but he insisted.  Driving in, I could tell the place was kind of trashy. We saw a thrift store and decided to stop. Because it was Black Friday everything in the store was half off.  Blake found the perfect t-shirt for me, seeing as I had been pulled over the night before. Although we didn't get these dishes we did find a vintage tree stand for only $1.50. I so want these! We drove all around Green Bay until there was nothing left to see. I haven't been to Bay Beach in years. It was weird to see what was once a picnic area now a giant parking lot and rollercoaster. Makes me want to come back next summer.  Scott had also been wanting to try Taste of the Windy City in Little Chute.  I think he now knows what we won't be doing when we come back again. This actually looks really

Eureka! It's Thanksgiving!

For the first time in 2 years we were able to head home for Thanksgiving. I am so thankful this year that Scott isn't working retail. Especially with how ridiculously early stores are opening.  I'm thankful I'm working for myself . Luckily I had Wednesday off and Scott, well, he can have off whenever he wants. We made it out of the city with no traffic and came home in time for dinner.  I made that cake like 5 years ago in school (don't worry just the outside is real). I'm surprised my parents have still kept it even though its changing colors and covered in dust. Everytime we go to my parents house Scott always has to poke fun of my senior pictures. He's just jealous he didn't get to sit on a swing.  My mom had just gotten the upgraded version of Scott's phone. She had no idea how to use it, so Scott had to show her how. For the rest of the weekend I played the part of Geek Squad agent. Better than actually working at BBY.