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For The First Time Ever No Post

Sorry folks. We had an emergency of sorts. C'est la vie. But we did have a yummy breakfast.

Tree Year 6

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Momma and Meadow's Little Adventure While Papa's Home Sick

Even though I made these yesterday Meadow requested  chocolate pancakes . This time with blueberries.

The Northwoods Cottage in August Can Only Mean the Vilas County Fair

Friday We hadn't been to the cottage since the 4th. I've had weekend wedding gigs and we've been elsewhere. It seemed we should head on up. My dad said there were renters at the cottage until Friday. So on Friday we took our time getting up. We took a break halfway for lunch and playtime. I tried my hand at fishing in the Flambeau river while Meadow and Brooke played. After playing on all the playground equipment it was time to get back on the road. When we arrived Brayden was ready to get the paddle boat out. We had planned to go up this weekend with Scott's dad. When I asked my dad if anyone was planning on coming he said the fair was going on and Chelsea and Blake were coming. Meadow and Nolan tagged along. Grandpa found a frog and showed the kids. Brayden went searching for frogs the rest of the weekend. We split up meals again for the weekend. We had dinner first and made split pea and kale soup with popovers. It was suppos