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Christmas in Wisconsin

Thursday This year we decided to celebrate Christmas with both our families. First we went to my parents house. Friday The next day we ran a few errands in the morning. Meadow was in need of new tights so we headed over to Old Navy which happened to be having a sale on everything. They're always having a sale on everything. The only time we go here is to get Meadow tights for some reason. All day Meadow kept asking if she could ride the kid snowmobile. We told her she had to wait until my dad was home from work. She was all ready to ride it around when Mr. Mike turned the kitty cat on. Once he turned it on it was "too loud" and she wouldn't ride it anymore.  My dad showed her how easy it was. She did manage to sit on the snowmobile while it was off. She agreed to only pretend ride it. I guess playing with kitty was more fun. That is, only if it means picking up the cat. No one could figure out what it