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All By Myself (While The Fam Enjoys the Cottage)

I had planned on going to the cottage with the family, but I was set to travel that Monday to Florida. Plus I've been hard at working getting the rental half of our duplex ready.     Meadow was off school for MEA week and I had already taken PTO months ago. It was kind of weird to go to the cottage without Scott. We stopped halfway to take a lunch/playground break.  We always have to say hello to the lake when we arrive.   

We've Moved: Blaisdell Duplex Edition

Today was the big day. We talked about getting movers this time, but to save money we decided to do it ourselves. Just Scott and I.    Well, Theo helped too. I was a little worried when Scott pulled up with this truck. I didn't think there was anyway we'd get all our things to fit in there.    Well, we mostly did. We would need to come back for our canoe and a couple bikes later in the day.   We started at about 8am.     A quick break for lunch.  We actually did pretty good getting the majority of our things in the front of the truck. We mostly had a large items left.  I can't believe we fit all our storage items into this little space.  After working non stop, around 11:00 at night, Tyler showed up to give us a hand. In the morning we would finish with the remaining.      We used every square inch of the truck. We were only missing our canoe and our bikes. The buyers were okay with us coming back to get them once we closed on our new house. Scott rode over to the new hous