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Camping Wild River State Park with the Baumanns

After talking about it for forever, we planned a camping trip with Cayla and Amanda. I have also been wanting to do a backpacking site with Meadow for a long time too. Luckily these two were up for the adventure.

The Women Take the Kids Camping to William O'Brien State Park

Scott had to work this weekend, which kept us home for once. Seeing as this is my first summer in 8 years that I don't have to work weekends I couldn't just stay home. She just can't. Sorry Minneapolis friends.

Another Marine on St. Crox-Stillwater Adventure

It's our favorite time of year: berry picking season. I think that's more of Brooke and Meadow thing, but I'll go along with it. Meadow has been asking to go for weeks. I'm not sure how she knew about it since she hasn't gone since she was a wee little one.  I made a giant breakfast before our adventure, plaintain and avocado toast, hash, eggs, cherries and strawberries. Lots and lots of blueberries as far as the eye can see. We went back to our go to berry picking farm, The Berry Patch. "Look a tiny one for me!" Meadow did an awesome job picking. She helped the whole time when she wasn't eating any. I complained and ate the whole time. We quit when the bucket was this high. Apparently we forgot that you pay by the bucket and not pint. We could have easily gotten another pint in there. As I was taking Meadow to the bathroom I noticed the raspberries looked really good. We decided at $5 a pint we would only get

A Weekend with Grandpoppy Tuska and Nanna

Friday We decided to break up our drive to Milwaukee by camping halfway. Instead of rushing Friday morning we left right after I was done with work on Thursday. Scott texted me as I was leaving work with the idea. By the time I got home he had everything ready. We had hoped to camp at Devil's Lake, but we were worried we would get there and it would be full. We settled on nearby Rocky Arbor State Park. For being so close to Wisconsin Dells the park was practically empty.

A Long 4th of July Weekend

Thursday I biked to work and had Scott pick me up so we could leave immediately for the long weekend. On the way we stopped for dinner near the Wisconsin/Minnesota border. We saw a Mexican place on U.S. 8 and when we turned picked another. Chiko's was pretty good. I had a good torta and Brooke had fish tacos. Only they had tartar sauce on them. We were a few miles from the cottage when, typical, Scott was pulled over for speeding. Since he only gets pulled over once a year he usually gets away with a warning. I'm that good. Besides I was driving slow the rest of the way. Of course they'd catch me at that one moment I was blazing a trail for the cottage. Friday We were the first ones to arrive. Scott made strawberry pancakes for breakfast. From the box with Costco organic strawberries. Meadow and I wanted to go fishing, but Brooke had other plans. I was more excited to go for a bike ride.  We biked all of Chicken in the Woods