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Bobilikin Woods and a Bike Ride

  It's been warmer out so Theo and I have started going on adventures everyday. I've been playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild on our Nintendo Switch and Theo loves watching the game. I talked him into going to the woods near our house by calling it the  Bobilikin Woods (actually bokoblin , but that's how he says it). Theo was instantly excited with the prospect of destroying some goblins in the woods. He brought along a Duplo as his Sheikah Slate . Just like Link. He loves to pretend to be Link everyday since he got his sword and shield.  Theo walked all the way across Lyndale Park and over to the bird sancturary. In his element.  When we got home he fell asleep on the couch. He was pooped. The next day we went back out again. This rock became a mysterious shrine. While Theo was hunting for bobilikins it was the perfect excuse to travel some of the trails that had been created through the bird sanctuaries marsh and ponds. Many  bobilikins were destroyed and the korok woods w

Theo Turns 3 and the Kids Don't Want to Go Outside

Our little guy has turned 3. Showing how old you are with your fingers can be tricky. He's been working on it all week. Of course he got his favorite foods today. PB&J for lunch. Once Meadow got home from school we let him open his gifts. I got him some waterproof mittens which weren't very exciting to open.  Meadow and I picked him up a foam sword and shield that almost looks like the master sword from Zelda. This was way more exciting. They picked out the perfect gift for him. He has been using Meadow's sword or sticks and making his own shield out of found objects. Now the kids can choose between lightsabers and swords. We loved Meadow's ice cream cake so we had to get one for Theo too. From Sebastian Joe's if you don't know. Meadow had a Nicollet Pothole Cake. For Theo's birthday we tried the oreo one. He needed help blowing out his candles. The cake was basically a fancier version of the classic Dairy Queen Cake. If I had a choice I'd pick the N