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Nate's Winter, Wisconsin Cabin in the Fall

My buddy Nate recently bought a cabin near Winter, Wisconsin. He'll be AirBNBing it when he isn't enjoying it, so we got to try the place out and take some pics.

I'm not sure what I was expecting but not this. I guess I wasn't expecting it to be a new construction and be so fancy.

It's a decade old and looks great.

We awoke to a frost covered forest. After arriving at night we got to see what the surroundings actually look like.

We were both surprised to see quite a few trees had already lost their leaves. 

The main goal this time was capturing the interior and fall colors. A week earlier would've been perfect peak colors, but not bad.

The upstairs is a loft area with two beds. 

When we told Meadow we were staying at a cabin this weekend she thought it was going to be like the one room cabins at the state parks. She didn't know it was going to have tv and internet and bathrooms. 

I love the stairs and the green tile behind the wood stove.

Living their best lives watching tv during lunch. 

After photographing the space, we made our way up to Cable, Wisconsin and the Chequamegon National Forest.

The kids wanted to stay inside all day and I wanted to adventure. I had been wanting to check out the Juniper Rock Overlook for awhile. We lucked out that we weren't too far away. We even had a beautiful drive to get here. Somehow we keep finding ourselves on the North Country Trail. 

Yet, we still don't have a sticker for our car!

This area also had a Swedish settlement. 

The parking lot was full and the road was parked with cars. But arriving later, we saw a lot of people walking back to their cars.

Pretty pretty. 

The colors were perfect just a little further north from Nate's cabin.

Right before the overlook we spotted a snake. 

The kids took the "shortcut."

Looks like Theo was taking a mental picture.

It was pretty cool up top and only a short hike in. 

We sat and enjoyed the view and had some snacks. 

"Take a photo of me with the pink tree." 

We continued our hike to check out another overlook. 

I originally thought it would be too far and then it was in fact too far.

But we did make it to this cool pine grove.

Maybe we'll try again when they're older. 

This is my we have to hike all the way back look.

On the way back Theo wanted to see the overlook again. 

A nice woman offered to take our photo. We rarely have photos of the four of us so we take the opportunity when we can. She even got Theo to look up. 

Clever, gal!

The kids didn't want to leave. Funny how this is how it goes every single time.

I had to see where the North Country Trail led to on the other side of the road. 

Once back Meadow and I played Scrabble. 

I made some weird cabbage bread crumb pasta meal. No one was impressed including me.

In the morning I watched the Packers game upstairs while the kids ate breakfast and watched PBS downstairs.

Meadow taught me how kids learn to do multiplication now. 

Crazy math teachers.

I think the kids and Brooke had a better idea than to watch the Packers fail at the last second.

While Scott finished watching the game. We played outside. 

There are some huge trees on his acreage.


Then I took a walk around the property.

Oh, nature.

These two and their random YouTube shows. 

I can't wait to come back in a different season. 

We ended up driving through Birchwood and found a place that used to be called Ed's Pit Stop in a Cenex. They still have the bbq and it didn't disappoint. Just don't call it Ed's and you'll be good.

They even had ice cream and a gift shop. Think we'll be back soon to both the cabin and this very good gas station bbq joint.


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