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Dilly Bars and Art

   As you might remember I was featured in the FLOW Northside Art Crawl last year . I was busy during this year's deadline and didn't have a project to display. After Mapping Disaster I didn't want to disappoint. The day after the deadline I got an email from Dudley Voight. She puts together FLOW and we've met a few times on potential projects. After she gave me a nudge I felt compelled to put something together.  What I came up with was Midwest (or A Year in the Midwest or Midwest Annum...), twelve landscapes of sorts, which depict the shifts in my work away from in your face photojournalism.   Emma also put together a project. Her splendid photos document the goings-on at the McKinley CSA, which she volunteers for and we are members of. Juxtaposition Arts Coop Studios was our home for the day, so we got to hang out the whole day.   After about an hour or two Emma, Brian Bradley (who was our art neighbor during the installatio

Tree! Year 2

2010 2011  2012 We did lose one of the bigger branches in a storm this year. What can I say? The trees getting taller and I'm not.

Parental Guidance Suggested

After talking about it since January my parents finally agreed on a weekend that would work for them to come visit. On the day they arrived we went over to Wirth Park and beach. They wanted to look at the building where we had our wedding reception. It was closed so we had to peek in. Then we walked over to the Eloise Butler Wildflower garden. Gail wanted to read all the signs, but we just said let's go. You can't tell but there were a couple of turkeys crossing our path.  After walking through the woods we arrived at the prairie. With so many flowers in bloom the prairie was awash with color. The garden closes at dusk and the nerdsters (get it? nerdy hipsters) were waiting for us to leave so we had to leave early. That's was my idea, don't try to steal it. Nerdster. On the way back out of the forest I saw some ducks that were confounded by the green slime water. A new boardwalk was completed aft