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A Day In The Life Of Me

This is the actual time I got up this morning. It's nice having days off. 4 out of the 7 days of the week I have off. I get out of our IKEA framed bed. With Scott gone I take advantage of the whole bed. Everyone morning I eat my cereal and check out what's new on Facebook. By the looks of me in the mirror I see I am in need of a shower. I go fast because I am afraid of the bathtub falling through the floor. I stand pondering in my makeshift closet looking for something to wear. I always complain I have no dresses when my closet is obviously stuffed with them. Being the good girlfriend that I am I quickly clean up the room before Scott gets home. After all the hard work I relax with a game of Beautiful Katamari Scott finally returns after his long weekend in Milwaukee. Kitty is happy too. We go downstairs to make lunch. It turns out someone has eaten all our pizzas. Instead we have cereal and toaster strudels. Scott leaves me to go to school Its cold out so he wears his hat He l